Tumuaki Tony

A very warm welcome to all visitors to our site.

Henderson Primary School (HPS) is a medium sized kura/school in which children can feel part of a whānau/family.  We have a very skilled and passionate kaimahi/staff who take pride in providing quality learning experiences for tamariki/children. At HPS we acknowledge...

                                 I te tuapapa te kākano tahi                     At the beginning existed one culture

He taonga te kākano rua                        We must treasure the bicultural nature of NZ

               Me awhi te kākano maha                       We must embrace the multicultural nature of our community


Our programmes emphasize the development of strong literacy and numeracy skills, emotional development and higher-order thinking skills.  Exploration, collaboration and cooperative learning are encouraged to expose children to a range of learning approaches.  We teach an integrated curriculum in which learning is based around authentic and real world topics.

It is a privilege to be involved in a successful school which encourages partnership in learning; has high expectations for childrens achievement and behaviour; is staffed by dedicated and resourceful teachers and support staff; and is supported by a capable Board of Trustees.

I value the relationship our school develops with its community and look forward to your involvement with our school.